Sort everything you are sure you know

The new waste sorting bins in the yards have encouraged residents to sort waste more than before.

The common goal in Finland is to sort and recycle half of all household waste. Waste management regulations are stricter in Porvoo this year. In housing properties with at least five apartments, organic waste must be sorted. If there are at least 20 apartments, also cardboard, metal, glass and plastic packaging must have recycling bins.

The government’s goals for recycling are set high. This year, the goal is for half of the waste to be recycled. In 2035, the target will be at 65 percent. The recycling of organic waste and cardboard waste has worked well in
the past in the houses of A-Companies. Since last autumn, collection containers for metal and glass and plastic packaging have been added to the houses’ waste containers.

The work has been challenging, primarily due to problems in the placement
of very deep collection containers. The property management at A-Companies estimates, that by the end of the year, only half of the containers not yet installed, will be available.

Many housing companies in Porvoo have the same problem. The houses that are required by law to have organic and cardboard waste collection, are almost all connected to the collection system. Separate collection containers for metal, glass and plastic packaging are still missing in one fourth of the properties.

– The issue of organic waste is slightly problematic, as some residents sort
the waste, some do not. But in general, people already know how to sort organic waste. The problem is that organic waste is sometimes packed in bags, that are not degradable. People are also good at recycling cardboard, says service manager Tuija Klaus from Rosk’n Roll.

Metal collection also works well in general, although more than just metal
is sometimes placed in the containers. Glass recycling has proven to be the
most challenging for the residents.

– It is only meant for packaging glass, but people place almost anything in the container. But even here, the familiar saying holds true: “Even an older
dog learns new tricks,” says property manager Kristian Tuomala.

A-Companies property management has a very simple tip for all residents:
– Sort everything you are sure you know, in what container to place the
waste. If you are a little unsure where something belongs, place it in a mixed waste bin.