Information About Rental Housing

A written lease will be made at the A-Companies’ office, well in advance of the move-in date. The conclusion of a lease requires the personal presence of the tenant.

The rent must be paid no later than on the 4th of each month. The rent is paid in accordance with the information in the rent summary delivered to the tenant. At the beginning of the tenancy, the landlord charges the tenant a security deposit, in connection with the first rent.

The security deposit will be refunded after the tenant moves out, if the tenant hands over the apartment in perfect condition, and the payments related to the tenancy have been paid.

The person moving out is obliged to make an official change of address notification to the registry office, no later than one week after moving out. A change of address notification must also be made for temporary residence lasting more than three months.

For A-Companies, the tenant does not have to fill in a separate notification, as the necessary information is extracted from the documents already submitted by the tenant. Persons who move in or out must always be notified to the A-Companies’ office.

Each A-Companies property has one storage space for each apartment, as well as a common outdoor storage room. In most of the properties, residents can also book a sauna shift and a parking space for a fee.

In order for the living in the new home to be smooth, the resident should familiarize himself or herself with the conduct rules and regulations of the A-Companies. Under the lease, the resident undertakes to abide by the rules of order.