A-Companies employs thirty real estate and maintenance professionals. About half of the personnel do maintenance, cleaning and yard work on A-Companies’ properties. New experts are most often recruited for these positions. You can find information about the entire professional group of A-Companies on our service, customer service and organization pages.


If you are interested in a job at A-Companies, you can send us an open job application If necessary, we will contact those who sent the application.


A-Companies encourage training in the real estate industry. A-Companies almost constantly have students, who want to enter the field in apprenticeships or internships. Contact our customer service if you are interested in an internship.

Summer Jobs

A-Companies have own property maintenance activities, for which summer employees are hired as property maintenance trainees. Recruitment of summer workers 2022 has closed. We will contact all the candidates after applying.

Summer is a busy time for yard work, and summer workers are hired to help with seasonal work. Summer maintenance work requires a careful and brisk approach.

Most of the summer work is related to the management of yard plantings. Experienced summer workers are also involved in yard repairs, such as renovations of fencing and outdoor furniture. In addition, a few summer workers are hired for cleaning work.

The summer worker must be at least 15 years old. The work day of summer workers is 07.00 to 15.00 on weekdays. The duration of a summer employment is generally 1-3 months between June and August.

At the beginning of the employment relationship, summer employees are introduced to the company, job duties and employment conditions, as well as occupational safety in physical work. Young summer workers are always supported by a professional who guides them.

Apply for a summer job here