Porvoo A-Asunnot owns several properties that are inhabited by residents, who need various supported housing services. There is a provider of housing services in the properties, and this provider usually also takes care of the selection of residents for the sites.


Tulliportinkatu 4
Adlercreutzinkatu 25-27
Mannerheiminkatu 25

The Omenamäki service center in the center of Porvoo consists of three residential buildings and a service center section. The property has been leased in its entirety to the City of Porvoo at Tulliportinkatu4 and Mannerheiminkatu 25. In the service center section, the city organizes guided exercise activities and hobbies for senior citizens from Porvoo. In addition, there is a counselling center for the elderly and the disabled. Applications for housing service counselling are made via the City of Porvoo’s counselling service Ruori. Omenamäki has 76 service apartments and three group homes.

Palomäki service center at Adlercreutzinkatu 25-27 is located at the center of Porvoo. Sheltered housing comprises 55 apartments for enhanced service houses.

Linjatie 34
Aleksanterinkaari 6
Karhupolku 2-4 K

Kårkulla samkommun is a consortium of municipalities, that provides various services to Swedish-speaking people with disabilities. The properties used by Kårkulla are located at Linjatie 34, Aleksanterinkaari 6 and Karhupolku 2-4. More information on applying to Kårkulla’s services at kårkulla.fi

Sammontie 4
Galgbackantie 9
Jousitie 4

Apartments and properties are built in conjunction with ordinary rental properties and as part of the community. Eteva consortium of municipalities is Finland’s largest center of expertise in the field of disability and provides services for disabled and mentally handicapped people. Eteva has apartments at Sammontie 4, Jousitie 4, Galgbackantie 9. More information on applying for Eteva’s services eteva.fi

Koivumäentie 6

Koivumäentie 6 is  leased to the City of Porvoo and the premises are used for youth home and other child welfare services. More information on the city of Porvoo website.