Termination of Tenancy

In A-Companies, the notice period for the tenancy is always a calendar month, i.e. the resident can terminate the agreement on the last day of the following month. Termination must be made in writing. You can contact customer service, visit our office or fill the termination form and send it to A-Companies

When you move out, you are obliged to empty not only the apartment, but also all your personal belongings from the storage spaces and from the yard. Cleaning the apartment and the storage space belonging to the apartment, is the responsibility of the person moving out.

All the keys to the apartment, as well as any other keys that may have been used, for example to the laundry room, must be returned to the company’s office.

Once the resident has given notice of termination of the tenancy, we will inspect the condition of the apartment. The rent guarantee is returned to the resident at the end of the tenancy, if the apartment is in good condition and the payment obligations related to the tenancy have been met.

Be sure to make an official move notification to the registrar, no later than a week after the change!

Termination form

When Just One Tenant Leaves

If only one of the parties to the lease moves out of the apartment, and the other person to the lease continues living in the apartment, the person moving out terminates the lease for his or her part.

Termination form for one tenant

When a Resident Dies

The estate may terminate the lease or extend it to a spouse or a family member living in the apartment. If you do not want to continue the lease, you should terminate the lease as soon as possible. The notice is subject to the normal notice period (one calendar month). The termination is made by the parties belonging to the estate and must be accompanied by an official certificate of the deceased tenant. You can get this certificate from the parish or the local register office.

Termination form