Applying for an Apartment

A-Companies has more than 2,000 rental apartments, of which about 350 apartments are vacated for rent each year. Most of these are affordable ARA rental homes. The selection of residents for these apartments takes into account the applicant’s housing needs, and their income and assets. The selection follows the instructions of the Housing Selection Guide of the Housing Finance and Development Center. Resident selection is made continuously, as housing becomes vacant, and residents selected for vacant housing are the applicants, who are most in need of housing, based on the above criteria. There are no similar restrictions in non-subsidized housing.

You can find out about all A-Companies properties on our residential apartments page. On the page of each item, you will find information on whether the item is restricted or non-restricted.

A-Companies’ rental apartments are always applied for in writing. The application is done either by filling out an electronic form or a paper form, which you can print out from the link below, or you can get one from the A-Companies’ office.

The application will not take effect until the necessary appendices have been submitted to A-Companies. The appendices and attachments required for the application can be attached to the electronic form or they can be submitted on paper to A-Companies’ office at Vuorikatu 3, 06100 Porvoo.

A-Companies will review your credit information. By submitting the application, you consent to the processing of your data in accordance with the A-Companies register description.

Application for a Rental Apartment

Electronic form



The application is valid for 3 months. If it is necessary to extend the application period, the applicant must renew the application by contacting the A-Companies’ office.

Appendices to the Application

  • a certificate stating the monthly income of the applicants (salary, unemployment daily allowance, income support or pension certificates) or a study certificate
  • a tax decision and itemization of the most recently established tax (for all persons over the age of 18 who are moving into the apartment)

and, where appropriate:

  • a statement of the market value of the property, if you own or have owned an apartment/ property for at least 5 years
  • a creditor’s certificate on debts (for study or housing debts)