Board of directors

Porvoon A-asunnot Oy Board of Directors

Chairman: Joel Karvinen

Vice-Chairman: Pehr Sveholm

Members: Mirja Suhonen, Kim Parviainen, Jani Heinänen, Ulla Raitimo ja Mariella Koskinen


The CEO, property manager, finance manager, maintenance manager, communications manager and property manager work in the administration and project management positions, and they also form the management team. In addition to the financial manager, the accountant and real estate secretary work in financial, accounting and rent control. In A-companies, the CEO is Marjut Sandsjoe.

The customer service consists of real estate secretaries, a customer service secretary and a real estate assistant. Customer service takes care of housing, concluding leases and making changes to housing-related agreements during housing.

The task of the property management is to determine the quality of cleaning and maintenance to be purchased. In addition, property managers take care of the quality balance of the apartments. The entire property maintenance is supervised and managed by the maintenance manager.

A-Companies annual report 2021 (summary in English)




Marjut Sandsjoe
040 500 2828
Teppo Riski
real estate director
040 551 8289
Jenna Rask-Backman
finance manager
040 575 0711
Keijo Mikkonen
service manager
040 087 7838
Markus Rimpelä
construction manager
050 547 0413
Iina Östman-Fredriksson
property manager
044 981 6255
Kristian Tuomala
property manager
0400 836 130
Johanna Malm
019 521 3621
Katarina Hakkarainen
real estate secretary
019 521 3626

Office contact information

The A-Companies’ office and customer service facilities are located in the center of Porvoo, at Vuorikatu 3. Customer service contact information and service hours can be found on the customer service page.

e-mail to all personnel is

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