Payment of the Rent

The due date for rent payment is the 4th day of the month. The rent is paid in accordance with the information in the full-year rent payment information, provided by the landlord to the tenant. The rent payment information therefore includes info for the full-year payments, and no separate monthly invoices are sent. The tenant retains the same reference number and payment account throughout the residence.

You can make a direct payment agreement at your own bank. In your own online bank, you can activate an e-invoice and receive a rent invoice directly to your online bank.

Other regular fees, such as sauna and parking fees, are paid in connection with the monthly rent. The water bill may be included in the rent or will be charged according to consumption. Other housing services are billed separately. These include, for example, door opening fees, flagging fee and additional repairs done by a maintenance person. The tenant always pays in full, for the repairs caused by the tenant. More information on separate charges can be found on the Help with housing page.

Problems Paying Rent

If you are not able to pay the rent by the due date, contact A-Companies’ customer service as soon as possible, to arrange the rent payment. In a changed economic situation, it is also worth checking the possibility of Kela’s housing allowance and income support.

We charge interest on late payments and also on a reminder fee for late payment of rent. After the third payment reminder, we will take legal action to collect the rental debt and terminate the tenancy.