Our service staff provides the maintenance, repairing and cleaning of houses and the maintenance of yard areas. Please contact our customer service when:

  • You notice a water leak, equipment breakage, or other problem in your apartment
  • Your living is disturbed by noise or there is other disorder in the house. In such a situation, call customer service or service emergency immediately to clarify the situation.
  • You have lost the key or cannot enter your home
  • You need other help with home repairs or installation work (repair and maintenance work may be charged, see separate charges on help with housing page
  • You notice something disturbing or out of order in the house or its yard

In the evening and on weekends, as well as on public holidays, tenants are served by on-call service. Check the service emergency number for your house on the service contact page.

If you have problems with internet connections, you should contact the service provider directly. The internet connection service provider that already belongs to the apartment is Telia.

For the joint activities of the tenants in the houses, it is worth contacting the tenants’ association or the elected tenant representative. More information on these can be found on the page on tenant democracy page.