Contact customer service

If there are any problems in the apartment, please contact our customer service. If you need help with emergency maintenance work during the evenings and weekends, you must contact the service emergency number. Check your house’s service emergency number, on the house bulletin board, or on the service emergency page.

The tenants take care of the maintenance of their own furniture and other consumables. The maintenance department of A-Companies takes care of the maintenance and repair of fixed furniture and equipment belonging to the apartment. Our maintenance offers help and services for housing. The prices of separate services can be found at the bottom of this page.

Further information on the tenant’s responsibilities in matters related to housing, can be found in the A-Companies’ conduct rules and regulations.

Sewer Cleaning

Cleaning the drain
A bad smell in the bathroom can be caused by a dryed or clogged drain.
With these easy steps you can make sure that the drain works and it doesnt smell

  • If you have been gone for a while, and the apartment smells, pour water in th drain.
  • Clean the floordrain regurarly
  • Clean the interceptor of the sink by turning the cup counterclockwise. Keep a bucket under and remember to put the seal back when you put it together again.

Please contact our customer service if the smell continues.

Internet Access

All A-Companies’ apartments have basic internet access included in the rent. The subscription is activated via Telia’s website or by visiting the Telia store or by calling Telia’s customer service at 020011611. If you have any problems with the internet connection, please contact Telia’s customer service directly.

Smoke Alarms

The tenant takes care of purchasing a smoke and fire alarm for the apartment. Some apartments have a built-in smoke and fire alarms. The tenant makes sure that the smoke and fire alarm works and that the battery is replaced. If a tenant needs help to replace the battery, paid replacement work can be ordered from our customer service.

Domestic Appliances

The tenant takes care of the household appliances he or she brings into the apartment. If the tenant acquires a dishwasher for the apartment, we recommend using a professional to install the machine. The installation can also be ordered from A-Companies from the maintenance department. Repair and maintenance of machines that are integral to the apartment (e.g. refrigerator, stove, cooker hood) is carried out by A-Companies.

Lamp Replacement

It is up to the tenant to replace any lamps in the apartment. The terraced houses may also have a backyard patio lamp, which is also to be replaced by the tenant. If a tenant needs help with lamp replacement, paid replacement work can be ordered from our customer service.

A-Companies’ Paid Maintenance Services

  • Apartment repairs, windows, etc. to be paid as invoiced
  • Machinery and devices, equipment to be paid as invoiced
  • Opening of clogged odour traps and drains to be paid as invoiced
  • New inner door 100 €
  • New window opening key 12 €
  • New suction cover for the washing machine connection 50 €
  • New dishwasher safety pool 40 €
  • Electrical accessories (sockets, roof boxes, circuit breakers, etc.) to be paid as invoiced
  • Fluorescent lamps (incl. installation) 32 € per piece
  • Fire alarm (incl. installation) 57 € per piece
  • Replacement of the fire alarm battery 27.50 € per piece
  • Serial change of lock to be paid as invoiced
  • Abloy key 15 € per piece
  • Sento / Exec key 35 € per piece
  • Parking space key 15 € / each
  • iLoq additional key 50 € per piece
  • iLoq key to replace a lost key 150 € per piece
  • iLoq serial change (apartment) removal of all keys € 250 + keys à € 50
  • iLoq serial change (multiple rights) (€ 500 + € 20.00 / programmable lock)
  • Painting or repair of walls or exterior walls of public spaces to be paid as invoiced
  • Faecal cleaning to be paid as invoiced
  • Repairs in the yard area (plantings, yard furniture, etc.) to be paid as invoiced
  • Apartment cleaning upon departure to be paid as invoiced
  • Invoicing price for maintenance work is 45 € per hour
  • Invoicing price for repair work is 60 € per hour
  • Property manager’s night alert fee (from the tenant causing the disturbance) 45 € + emergency surcharge
  • Door opening fee according to service company’s price
  • Flagging fee 45 €
  • Extra sauna shift (not on a sauna day) 20 € per hour, additional hours 5 € per hour
  • Extra sauna shift (on a sauna day) 5 € per hour
  • Trial or cancellation fee to be paid as invoiced
  • Demand for payment 5 € per request
  • Otzonation of an apartment 250 €