Revamp at rental home

A tenant’s options for renovation are different from the rights of a homeowner. However, the tenant can do many things to make the apartment more functioning.

A-Companies has a total of 2,312 apartments in different parts of the central area of Porvoo. Every year, more than 300 apartments change tenant.

When moving in, some are surprised that ordinary activities such as wallpapering, or painting walls and other surfaces are prohibited for tenants. The floor covering must also not be changed. With these prohibitions, A-Companies ensures that the apartment does not have to be repaired, after huge renovation attempts, at long working hours and at big costs.

Personnel at A-Companies always check and, if necessary, renovate the apartments when the tenant changes. The possible restoration of the apartment is paid for by the tenant who is moving out.

A similar ban at A-Companies is in electrical work, such as relocating an outlet or installing a new outlet.

However, a tenant may do work related to normal housing, such as drilling holes in walls for paintings or wall shelves. Many other things are also possible- and without too much expense.

Walls and ceilings

If your apartment has only one curtain rail installed and you need another, buy it yourself and attach it neatly to the other pair.

Venetian- and roller blinds can be installed in the apartments. If you want to acquire and install a venetian blind between your windows, at your own expense, first always negotiate with the hosting at A-Companies. The curtain will remain in the apartment when the resident moves out.

Lighter paintings are usually held in place by table hooks, that leave a much smaller marking on the wall, than drilling does. The stores also have strong adhesive tapes on sale. If you have a lot of paintings, it is a good idea to take advantage of hanging rails for paintings.

Kitchen and bathroom

Do you think there is a place for an extra cabinet in the kitchen or bathroom? The tenant is, of course, allowed to purchase non-fixed furniture.

Always drill carefully in the kitchen and bathroom. Pipes and wires run through the walls. If you are unsure, seek advice from A-Companies.

Tenants at A-Companies are not allowed to drill into the tiles, because the holes cannot be repaired and made watertight. If you want to decorate your tiles, please use tile stickers, remembering that the stickers and all the glue should be removed carefully before moving out.

The purchase of a dishwasher is the responsibility of the resident. If you do not need a dishwasher, take advantage of the free space in your kitchen, for example by purchasing an unattached shelf on wheels. If you get a countertop, you will also get more space.

If there is no space for a dishwasher in the apartment, check the suitability of table-top models. Remember that for pipes and wires, you cannot drill holes in the stainless surface.

Balcony and terrace

On balconies or terraces, the tenant may drill small holes for hanging flower baskets, lightweight grilles, or curtains, for example.

The floor can be covered with tiling using, for example, wooden or plastic materials. However, it must be loose and must be removed by the tenant when moving.