Guarantee the functionality of your home

In many homes preparations for Christmas are in full speed. This is also a good time to check certain small things that make your apartment more functional and safer.

Sewer problems are the most common troubles in homes. If your sewer becomes clogged, call A-Companies’ property services for help. If your sewer just seems to draw water badly, you can try a few home methods.

Most stores sell pipe opening fluids that dissolve blockages. You can also try a combination of baking soda and vinegar. Drain warm water down the drain, then pour in a decilitre of baking soda and a couple of decilitres of vin-egar. Wait ten minutes – let the mixture bubble – and then let warm water down the sewer again.

If your bathroom floor drain feels a bit clogged, the problem is probably that its grille and the edges of the drain have not been cleaned. Be careful not to remove any other parts from the floor drain, other than the grille.

Exhaust and supply air valve covers, and grilles are parts of the home that need to be cleaned regularly. Especially in the kitchen, where dust and grease accumulate on the lids, it is advisable to use a hand dishwashing detergent to wipe them off. Be careful not to turn the round part in the middle, as this will mess up the ventilation adjustments.

The grill of the cooker hood should also be washed regularly. This is most effectively done in the dishwasher.

Does your apartment feel cold, or do you feel a cold draft? Window frames often have a replacement air valve, that can be adjusted to the correct seasonal position. If you suspect that the window does not fit properly into the frame, or that the window seals are broken, call a service technician.

The appropriate operation of radiators is important in the cold Finnish winter. From time to time, turn the coil valve to a different position to prevent it from jamming. If the plastic knob part breaks, have it replaced by a service technician. Uneven heating of the radiator and a bubbling sound tell you that there is air in the radiator circuit. If this is the case, you should also call a service technician.

Regular maintenance of the apart-ment also includes cleaning dust from the back of the refrigerator. Excess dust can even cause a fire. And please also remember to check the condition of your fire alarm during Christmas cleaning.