Christmas Time at A-Companies

The property maintenance and cleaning services at A-Companies
will operate normally during the Christmas and New Year holidays. You
can find the emergency number for your own house on the house notice boards, or on the notice boards in the staircases. A-Companies offers its tenants free, family-specific Christmas sauna shifts, mainly on December 24th. Read more on the bulletin boards.

All residents, please remember to keep the Christmas season safe for
all. A fire alarm is a must-have in every home. Test that it is in working condition, for example during Christmas housecleaning. A fire blanket is also a sensible and affordable purchase.

Never leave live candles burning unattended, not even on the balcony.
Remember only to burn the candles on safe surfaces. Check the condition of your Christmas lights and the wires, and be sure never to make any improvised installations. Remember that you can only connect outdoor electric lights on the balcony or patio, if there is an outside electrical outlet.

Also be careful in the kitchen. Never leave food unattended on the
stove, or in the oven. Do not empty the liquid fat into the drains. First let it
cool and then take it to a waste bin.

Text: Kaisa Viitanen