The sauna facilities

Resident sauna is situated on the 7th floor, B-stair. The monthly fee for a weekly sauna booking is 10 euros. There is also a cabinet and sauna for rent for residents and outside customers.

Laundry rooms

Aleksanterinkruunu has two laundry rooms for use by the residents (A and B stairs). Both have several washing machines, tumble dryers and a separate drying room. Use of the laundry room is free, but a booking must be made in advance (appointment book and instructions for use can be found in the laundry room).


Storage spaces

There is a spacious  storage space for outdoor equipment at street level of the house. In the basement of the house there are storage spaces for the residents’ personal property. You can start using the storage space by contacting the A-Companies’ office and paying a deposit of 50 euros for the storage space.

Waste disposal

There are collection containers for mixed waste, for organic waste, for cardboard, plastic, paper  metal and glass on the courtyard of the house. Tips for waste sorting on Rosk n’ rolls sorting guide.



There are parking places for residents in the yard of Aleksanterinkruunu. It is possible for a resident to rent  a private parking space for an additional fee. Mopeds and motorcycles have their own parking spaces next to the waste bins, near the entrance to the stairs