All residents of the A-Companies’ houses are welcome to participate as members, and in the activities of the A-Companies’ residents’ association. The purpose of the association is to work for the benefit of all living in the houses of the A-Companies, to develop the cohesion of the residents and to promote the hobbies of the residents.

The Residents’ Association draws up an annual action plan, which, in addition to meetings, includes the organization of city district events and excursions for residents. In addition, the residents’ association aims to increase the comfort of the houses by organizing workshops in the immediate vicinity of the houses and providing opportunities for planting yard flowers. New members are elected to the board of the residents’ association every year. A-Companies supports the activities of the association. The association does not generate profit or merit for its members.

Board of the A-Residents Association

Chairman Kaisa Viitanen
Other board members Heidi Liljemark, Kim Parviainen, Reijo Sillanpää and Vesa Hanhinen