In all its actions the A-companies abide to the legislation governing lets and leases. Additionally your landlord respects the guidelines of the Fair Rental Practices jointly drawn up by The Finnish Real Estate Federation, The Finnish Association of Landlords and The Central Union of Tenants, about renting flats. As well as the law, also the Fair Rental Practices define the tenant's obligations. Every tenant is obliged to comply with the A-companies' regulations. Furthermore every tenant must obey the Finnish Public Order Act.

A-companies' regulations in Finnish pdf
A-companies' regulations in Swedish pdf

More important information and tips in A-companies' Tenant's guidebook.

Tenant's guide (pdf) in Finnish pdf
Tenant's guide (pdf) in Swedish pdf

If you have any questions, please contact the A-companies' personnel. Make an appointment or send e-mail using the feedback form.

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